In many people’s minds, galvanizing is a dirty and dangerous work. Generally speaking, traditional HDG lines are at low production efficiency with high cost and environmental pollution. And what’s more, the maintenance and safety of equipment is another heavy burden for the galvanizers. In order to improve production efficiency, lower the production cost and protect our living environment, upgrading an HDG line with lag in technology is imperative.  

In the upgrading of traditional HDG lines, we will also have consideration to environmental protection. The upgrade will give the priority to production process, followed by enclosure at pretreatment, galvanizing fume collection and treatment system, automatic control system and logistic system.

After having the relevant systems integrated, the upgrade of traditional HDG line is accomplished.

Our engineers will customize the upgrading program to fit the existing and limited space upon client’s requirements.


Advantages after upgrading:


Lower zinc consumption
Better product quality
Resource recycling