The delivery of production line and equipment is not the end of cooperation, but a new start. Assisting in improving production management, process management, cost management and quality management related to the operation of HDG workshop is the training service we can offer. Our project delivery team will help the clients rapidly posses the capability of independent management over the environmental protection digital HDG workshop, at the meanwhile of owning the advanced production line.


Once the decision has been made to built a galvanizing plant, the most important thing is communication between the designer and client throughout the process. Communication early in the design process is key to ensure a proper design.

We owns a technical center with over 50 personnel, in which 80% of them holds graduate degree, involving the fields of environmental sciences, mechanical design, electrical automation and corrosion engineering; and the technical center is equipped with complete research equipment and facilities.

With our state-of-the-art technology, rich experience and expertise, we are able to offer a whole set of professional services, throughout site plot plan, commissioning until up and running.

We will serve the hot-dip galvanizing industry with advanced hot-dip galvanizing technology, which is safe, eco-friendly, high efficient and low consumption.