Automation, digitalization and intelligentization are of the trend of sci-tech development. With a healthy and safe workplace for employees, the enterprise can focus on persistent improvement of their products and services based on customer orientation, in the meanwhile of taking the social responsibilities.

Taking digitalization as core technology, the newly built HDG production line will be fully closed loop HDG production line, which owns advanced, high efficient and world-first inventive production process arrangement and the design of production line is optimized with the concept of reduction and recycling. The design of production line will follow the principle of reduction at beginning, control at middle and circulation at end.

Our new HDG production line will give the work pieces an optimal surface treatment result to lower at less 10% of product defects and, at the mean time, to reduce the generation of spent liquid and waste gas and solid wastes by 75%, compared with traditional HDG line.

We apply information management technology into HDG production to guarantee the objective of improving quality and efficiency by means of planning and process control and by utilizing the technology of big data collecting, analyzing and processing.  


New HDG Line features:


Inventive process layout
Lower zinc consumption
Better product quality
Resource recycling
Less manpower needed