Established in 2017, Xuzhou RITMAN Equipment Co., Ltd., was originally a general galvanizing plant founded in 1994. 

    Along with the increasing business, we realized that our traditional HDG lines had lagged in technology and were under low production efficiency. Furthermore, it was at a high risk that the operators were directly exposed to the acid mist, which could also pollute our living environment.  

    Relying on years of R&D achievements and practices, now we have become not only a general galvanizer, having our production efficiency and benefits increased by applying advanced technologies, but also a professional galvanizing solution provider dedicated to improving galvanizing technology.

    At present, the company has three galvanizing workshops, in which one is newly built with state-of-the-art technology and put in operation in 2017; and the other two are of automation and informatization upgrade from traditional galvanizing lines.

Hot-dip Galvanizing  Solution



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